Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Review (sort of)

July 17, 2009 at 5:46 pm 2 comments

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So I finally saw HBP. I wasn’t fully satisfied with it, but not too disappointed either. I guess this is the part where I talk about a few scenes, and tell you what I thought about them movie in general.

Fred and George’s joke shop was exactly what I pictured it to be inside. So colorful, noisy, and fun. It was just… perfect.

During quidditch tryouts, Ron Weasley le daba unos cabezasos a esa quaffle! He swears he was playing soccer! It was funny to watch, though.

What the hell? They burned down the Burrow? I mean, it didn’t bother me as much as it did other people, but did they really have to? If they wanted more action in the movie, they could’ve added a lot near the end with all the death eaters. But whatever.

Also, they didn’t provide us with much background information. I guess Fernir Greyback was just some random death eater and of no importance to Harry’s loved-ones, like Remus Lupin, or even ron’s brother bill… who, by the way, wasn’t really in this movie.

The Quidditch match, like always, was fun to watch. And I loved that they played the theme music similar to the one from Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m not sure if it was like that in the other movies, but I really enjoyed the soundtrack during Quidditch.

Looking back the the first movie, though. All the flying scenes looked so fake. Then the second movie with the lame basilisk and shit. Hahaha. I much prefer the more recent ones. In fact, visual effects improved so much that I got completely disgusted by the Inferi on HBP. Especially when Harry falls under water and that thing just grabs him. Ugh!

I loved Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore during that scene,though. When Harry had to make him drink that potion and Dumbledore was all twitching and making it look disgusting. I swear, I could feel that potion going down my own throat. And at the end of that scene, when Dumbledore makes that huge ring of fire, he makes like a pathway with it sorta. Freakin’ moses shit right there.

Oh man, when Harry drank that Felix Felicis. He was just being a smartass and wouldn’t shut up, and laughed about everything. It was so funny, and kinda cute.

Oh my gosh. That scene where Harry and Ron are laying down in the dormitory and then Harry mentions that Ginny’s attractive… and adds that it’s because of her skin, then Ron says the same about Hermione. Then they just keep talking about skin! I rofl’d. I guess Dean Thomas doesn’t like black girls. Either that, or Ginny just has a really nice complexion.

Then there’s the scene after Hermione sees Ron making out with (or snogging, whatever) Lavender Brown and Harry goes talk to and comfort her. Then she asks “How does it feel? When you see Dean with Ginny?” and he pretty much tells her he feels the same was as she does with Ron. I don’t remember a scene like that being in the book at all, but I thought it was such a sweet little moment to add between two best friends who can obviously relate to each other. And since this isn’t about magic or killing dark wizards, the audience themselves were able to relate, even if they’re not Harry Potter fans. I thought that was a nice touch.

Speaking of relationships and such… was it just me, or did some characters seem oddly attractive? None of them stayed attractive throughout, though. Actually, I take that back, Cormac McLaggen managed to stay sexy the whole time, especially during the scene when they’re having dinner with Slughorn and the looks at Hermione like *insert natalie tranish porno music and slowly lick fingers.* Besides that, there were some scenes when Harry looked cute. He also looked super hot when they were in the great hall before the Quidditch match and he was wearing his Gryffindor sweater. Damn, Harry, let me tap that. Besides that, though… the way he parted his hair down the middle was a total turn-off. Jtot. But yeah! Ron Weasley and even that black Slytherin guy (I think it was Blaise Zabini) were definitely looking good in some scenes.

Umm… Yeah. I wasn’t really impressed with the Room of Requirement scene with Ginny and Harry. Their kiss was just awkward, and looked like an exact replica of the kissing scene with Cho Chang in OotP. I think it would’ve been cute if Harry and Ginny’s first kiss was in a happier setting, sorta like it was in the book, where Ron even gives him the okay to do it and everyone’s just having a really good time. I swear, Harry never even puts his arms around the girl or anything. They just sorta stand there and let their lips touch.

And I dunno why, but it never fully hits me when a character first dies in a movie. I didn’t cry when it happened to Cedric or Sirius, and I didn’t cry with Dumbledore. It always hits me harder the second time around, though. So maybe I’ll feel really sad next time I watch it. I thought it was a nice touch, though when everyone raised their wands to I guess pay their respects to Dumbledore.

The movie ended with this whole we’re-all-in-this-together High School Musical speech from Hermione.

I wasn’t, however, very impressed with the ending. It didn’t really go anywhere. If Harry were active on the internet, he’d probably go on fmylife.com and post “Today, I went on a mission to find a Horcrux with my headmaster. He was killed in the process, and the horcrux we found was fake. FML.”

I don’t think Warner Bros should’ve made us wait this long. It cause a lot of overhype and disappointment.

It’s never fair to compare the book to the movie. I try to avoid that. As long as this movie was, though. They left a lot out. This includes, but isn’t limited to: Fleur and Bill being engaged (I really wanted to see that scene where Molly Weasley and Fleur are finally brought together because of their unconditional love for Bill), maybe a little more of Percy Weasley (even if not in great detail), Dumbledore’s Funeral, (though I heard something about this being the first scene in the next film), and if they’d shown more of Harry and Ginny’s relationship I would’ve definitely wanted to see their Spidermanesque break-up!


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  • 1. Ethan  |  September 7, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Hey, I haven’t even seen it yet!

    • 2. reinix  |  September 8, 2009 at 10:08 am

      it’s okay, you didn’t miss out on much.
      it wasn’t all that great.


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