Before I forget everything I did, I’ll blog about it.

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I could easily just break each day up into one blog and pretend I posted it on the day that it happened, but fuck it. I’ll do this thing again where I label the day and shit.

Thursday: Typical summer session day. Went to class, took notes, etc. I got home, went online for a while and then got something to eat. When I came back on the computer, I refreshed Twitter found out Michael Jackson had died. That sucks, I thought. I also thought WTF? I leave the internet for like 15 minutes and Michael Jackson dies?! Wack. There were many grieving, and many making way-too-soon jokes about it. I guess I’ll post my view on it now. As a person in general, he did a lot of fishy things. All those accusations of molestation and shit, and the whole thing where he was swinging a baby from the window and who knows what else. What the fuck was that all about? Anyway… he was an amazing performer and pop culture icon. He was the king of fucking pop! I would even always say when there was a dispute about what song should be played that “you can never go wrong with Michael Jackson.” Ever. RIPMJ♥

Friday: Mom woke me up so I could start cleaning the house in case people came over. Well, a few rooms in it anyway. After that, I went to this salon nearby with my mom to check out hairstyles and stuff for Chava’s wedding. I didn’t find one that suited me, but whatever. At least my mom did. I kinda already knew how I wanted my hair to be anyway. Not so long after that, I went to get my nails done at this nail/spa place nearby. Gosh, I love where I live. All these places are just walking distance from my house. Anyway, Nery walked into the place when I was getting my nails done and I left with her when I was done, since we had already planned on going to the movies that day. We picked up Danny, then met up with Rick and his sisters in Hollywood. We watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Arclight. Movie-wise, it was okay I guess. Not the best movie in the world, but not as boring as others said it was. I mostly liked the effects and all that shit. It was pretty tight.

Saturday: I woke up at 6:30 ’cause my mother and I had appointments at the hair salon at 7am. Gosh, I looked so dead when I got there. Got my hair and make-up done there. Not much to say about that. After that, I pretty much just waited ’til it was time to get ready for Chava’s wedding.

We got to the church with a lot of time to spare. The ceremony itself was nice. Apparently the minister was a family friend or something and they surprised Cristina by having him marry her. My tio Ruben was singing with his group during the mass. That was cool too. Angie, Jay, and two of Cristina’s family members did some of the readings, and the minister joked a lot. It was cool.

The reception was fun too. My cousins from my dad’s side seemed to have a lot of fun, it was cute to watch. The food was spicy and the cake kicked ass. Woot. Also, they had these really cool liquor things on the table with Cristina and Chava’s names on them that everyone liked and many took home:

As for me, I was walking in heels the whole day for the first time. Boy, I sucked at it. Hahahaha. The day was fun, though. Congrats big brother and new sister in law!

Sunday: Despite the fact that the previous day had been long and left me a bit exhausted, I woke up early to help my mother with the food and stuff because people came over. I made two salads. I swear, that’s all mom ever makes me do when she tells me to help her cook. I just make salads. Sometimes rice too. Meh, I don’t mind. Anyway, a lot of family members came over for lunch or whatever. We had birria and chicken. At one point, mostly all the dudes and kids were in my living room watching the USA vs. Brazil soccer game. It looked something like this (except less blurry):

Later on, I went to the beach and Hollywood with my cousins from Colorado. It wasn’t as fun as I would’ve wanted it to be, but still pretty cool. It’s nice to get out of the house and go somewhere with people you don’t see very often.

Monday: I woke up thinking something along the lines of Awesome, History class got cancelled today. That means I only have one class! When I arrived to my Health class, though, I came to find that that class had also been canceled. I love it when that happens, even though there’s also the whole thought process I go through where I realize I could’ve just stayed home and not missed a thing. Hahaha. I stayed at school for a bit ’cause Zack texted me that his Sociology class got cancelled, so we hung out after he got out of his first class. We ate at Thai House (no surprise there). He threw up. We brushed our teeth. We met up with Dan. I swear, I don’t know if I can fully get into the habit of just saying ‘Dan.’ I actually typed ‘Daniel’ and then backspaced because I realized that if I wrote ‘Zack’ instead of ‘Zachary’ then I should write ‘Dan’ instead of ‘Daniel.’ Anyway… we went to Pasadena, just for the hell of it. It was pretty fun. Like usual, we went to Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store, Urban Outfitters, and a few other shops. Is it proper to call them shops? Or are they stores? Because when I call them shops, I picture like, more of a local family-owned little store.  I felt kinda bad, though ’cause we kept physically hurting Dan. Pobresito.

Today is tuesday the 30th. Crap, that means I can’t use my TAP card tomorrow. I should renew that shit. Too bad I have no cash and don’t wanna use my own money.

Update — I actually came back to finish this blog because… I dunno what happened, but I never got a chance to finish. It is now wednesday. Boy, I’m a lagger. I guess I might as well let you know that I finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower today.

Also, I didn’t bother to proofread this. Sorry for the mistakes.


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