I hate mechanical mice

June 8, 2009 at 11:45 pm Leave a comment

I normally use a cordless optical mouse when I’m on my desktop computer. (As opposed to using a trackpad, like on my netbook.) But… battery on my computer mouse ran out of juice (mmmm, juice) a few days ago. My brother and I have both been too lazy to get off our asses and buy batteries to replace them, so we’re stuck with with a mechanical mouse for the time being. (The kind with the little ball at the bottom and everything.) It’s not even a USB mouse. It’s the type you connect to one of those millions of mysterious holes in the back of your tower. This thing is ancient! I’ve used a lot of computer mice in my day, but this one is just starting to piss me off. It makes me really glad I know my survival keyboard shortcuts. This mouse never moves where I want it to and the ball just decides to stop wanting to move sometimes. Photoshopping with is got me angry. Sometimes I have to press it down really hard in order for the cursor to go where I want it to that the mouse pad itself moves with the mouse. My optical mouse was so perfect and never made my right wrist hurt the way this one does.  It’s so frusturating. Argh.

...and by 'thing' i actually mean 'symbol.' lmao.

Really, you never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. I miss my optical mouse. First thing tomorrow morning, I’m gonna buy some batteries for it.


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