Okay, I lied.

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I don’t feel like reading right now, so I decided to write my recap blog right now. I’ll make it short, though. I just remembered I still have to finish watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I started it like at midnight the other night, but then I got too sleepy to finish it. Anyway, here’s some shit I remember from this week:

Monday: We were supposed to meet at the library for English 101. My professor ended up not showing up, for like the millionth time! Don’t really remember much after that.

Tuesday: I don’t recall what my school day was like. I just remember buying an ink cartridge, and then going to the East Los Angeles Library to work on my English essay, and Vincent meeting me there later on. Here‘s a photo, I guess. Lol.

Wednesday: Once again, my English teacher wasn’t there! Somehow we did book work and turned in our essays anyway O_o.  Journalism was pretty much the same way it always is. Nothing really eventful that I can remember. I went back home, grabbed something quick to eat, left my house because I didn’t wanna be there, and ended up buying a dress at one of the little shops in Atlantic Square. Then I went to the ELAC library because I didn’t have much to do, and eventually met up with Zach. We went to Pollo Loco, but he ate a philly cheese steak from Tokyo Bowl there. I totally had tacos al carbon and a Loco salad.

I went back home, and then Luis told me he wanted to chill and I was like sure, why not. Right after I agreed to hang out with Luis, my parents get home with this mattress and tell me to take all this stuff out of my room and clean it out so they can install the mattress and whatnot. I did it as quick as possible before Luis got to my house. Anyway, he got here and we he went to buy a burrito from the truck, and a smoothie from Jack’s. We were chillin’ on my porch when my mom calls me, all angry for having left the house out of nowhere. Apparently, I still had a lot of stuff to take care of in my room. Lame. I did it as quick as possible ’cause I don’t like leaving people waiting. But yeah, I pretty much spent my night talking and hanging out with Luis. It was pretty chill.

Thursday: Geography class was as boring as ever. I spent my time there IMing people when I wasn’t taking notes. (I take notes on my netbook, in case you didn’t know.) Mass communications was okay. We just finished watching Shattered Glass. I kind of enjoyed it.

I met up with Daniel after class. He was supposed to donate blood, but he pussied out. Nahh, he just didn’t wanna wait an hour and a half to do it. I still think that was just his excuse for pussying out, though. Pussy out? Who the fuck uses that expression? Did I just make it up? Whatever, anywyay… We met up with Zachary on the bus and then went to the Montebello Town Center. We spent a while there. I can’t remember anything interesting enough that happened there to write about, though. Meh, there was this lady with saggy boobs, a horrible tan,  and dry hair that walked around talking to herself at the food court. I’ve seen more entertaining people talk to themselves, though.

When I got home, I went online for a little bit and then Luis and Vincent show up at my house. We chilled here for a bit, and then at Vin’s house for a bit. Not much to say there, lol.

Today: I woke up at around eight in the morning, got out of bed a bit before nine. Went online to realize that MySpace got a new Meebo/Facebook style chat feature. Can’t say I was surprised. I logged off after about an hour and a half and then cleaned the living room, had breakfast, and showered. I pretty much spent the rest of my day sitting here, on my computer desk. Half the time, I was working on these two stories that I had to write for the J101 edition. Which reminds me… I have to go to ELAC for Journalism tomorrow. So now I’m sitting here, typing up this blog. I don’t even feel like watching that movie anymore ’cause I got tired of looking at this screen. Blah.

Okay, I lied again. This came out longer than I thought it would. (That’s what she said!)

Reading this, I realized… I never really hang out with females.


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