an extremely pointless sunday night blog that isn’t really a blog but reyna rambling and probably not making sense

May 11, 2009 at 12:43 am Leave a comment

that is probably my longest blog title thus far. it kinda reminds me of philip defranco’s new theme song thingie that he made. welcome to the philip defranco show that isn’t really a show but me talking to a camera for 3-4 minutes… or someshit like that.

<<< that’s what i look like right now. at this very moment. as i’m typing this. or rather, like 30 seconds ago when i posted that on dailybooth. pretty damn shitty. i’m not even gonna bother to capitalize letters right now. i’m just not feeling it. in fact, i’m not even gonna bother to make sense. there was nothing about the starry sky that night to suggest that strange and mysterious things would soon be happening. anwyay, does anyone else hate sunday nights as much as i do? like for real, yo.  they suck so much ass. like, so much ass that it’s not even worth it to spell it arse. arse looks cool and fancy. ass just looks gross. disgusting. sunday nights fucking suck. they’re as bad as monday mornings. well.. maybe not. i dunno. but fuckkk! they’re horrible. like, sundays in general suck. church, family, food, social networking, homework. i never even start my weekend homework ’til like 9-10pm on sundays. i just can’t get myself to sit there and do it earlier. as much as i tell myself i’ll do it… i never can. ever!

anyway, i decided to sit here and type because i’m not sleepy anymore and i just finished my journalism hw. it’s 12:37 right now. mom would probably be mad if she walked in here and found me awake. i hope she doesn’t. i should call somebody on the phone. i don’t even feel like typing anymore. if you’re reading this right now… i don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you. you must be as bored as i am. ahahaha, i bet my writing looks all ghetto and shit. honestly, i’m fucking lazy. i really really don’t wanna reach for that damn shift key sometimes. fuck my pinky. fml. idk. bai.


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