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Monday: I didn’t go to English because they were doing workshops for an essay that I haven’t started yet. (The one I’m supposed to be working on right now, at this very moment.) I spent that time slot in the library, actually working on my essay and Tweeting.

Zach and I didn’t do our stories for Journalism, so we ended up just going to Starbucks instead.

I told myself I would go to at least one class, so I went to Math. I got my test back with a fail and sat there for a bit contemplating my options. Daniel got a pretty low score too and after a few moments of thinking, talking, and considering the pros and cons, we decided to drop the class and just walked out. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t attend one full class that day. Also, I couldn’t get over the fact that I actually dropped a class. Fuck.

Somehow, I ended up hanging out with  Zach and Daniel in Hollywood. (Zach ended up not going to Stats.) Pretty damn random, but it was an interesting experience. I think they got along pretty well. Their common grounds: laughing at my expense. Bastards.

This was probably one of my most eventful Mondays since I’ve started community college.

Tuesday: Took a test for Geography, blah. Journalism 105 was okay too. All we did was talk and watch a documentary about the advertising industry. Nothing out of the norm happened there. After class, I went to the MTC with Daniel. It was pretty fun. Made him try on an ugly shirt. Also, he liked a John shirt at PacSun. Ew. Came back home, and the rest was pretty damn normal.

Wednesday: I actually went to English. Boy, was it boring learning about citations and MLA and all that shit. Really, I could just Google it. Journalism was like it usually was. Not boring, not the funnest thing in the world. After class Zach and I went to Paco’s Tacos, where Tonanzin also met up with us. Somehow I ended up eating a burrito. I swear, I had planned on only buying a drink. I’m such a fatass. Anyway, we were there for a while just talking about stuff. Like, where the hell we’re gonna end up in the future and what people expect of us. Then we came back to my house and just chilled. Once they left, I internetted and then watched Scrubs. It wasn’t that great. Yeah.

Thursday: School, then Target with Daniel. Got home, took a nap. Family got here to celebrate mom’s birthday, so I bought her a cake. Spent the night talking to my siblings and their partners. It was rather funny learning the story of how Chava and Cristina met and all that shit, then planning the whole bachelor/bachelorette thing.

Today: Woke up, checked my phone for e-mails, showered.  I was supposed to go to the beach with Zach and Tonanzin, but… I guess we ended up not going. Haha. Anyway, my alternate plan was to clean the living room and/or bathroom and then work on my essay for English 101.  Instead, I sat down at the computer desk and now I feel too lazy to do anything else. Maybe I’ll get to that essay once I finish writing this blog. I don’t know yet.

Update: A lot happened during in the process of writing this blog. Now the plan is: hang out with Luis later. Cool. At this very moment, I’m on Skype with some BlogTV buddies. Killing time before Luis gets here to hang out.

Update #2: It’s friday night now. Luis and I went to Thai House (no surprise there) and later met up with Vincent. Went to Coldstone, and then saw Star Trek. It exceeded my expectations. Fucking awesome. I had a pretty cool Friday evening.

The downside: I didn’t work on my essay and now lost my motivation to do it.


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Scrubs – Season 8 Finale (or series finale?) an extremely pointless sunday night blog that isn’t really a blog but reyna rambling and probably not making sense

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