I remember this day…

May 2, 2009 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

So I was looking for some photos of myself the other day so that I could make a new header for my WordPress page with it or whatever. I never found one that was good enough, but I did see a lot of pictures I hadn’t looked through in a long time and got a little nostalgic. Memories from band, drumline, random school days, hanging out, banquets, all in one folder on my external hard drive. Those pictures made it seem like I had the time of my life during high school. I’m not exactly sure if I did or not. Like anything, high school had its ups and downs. I’m glad there was photographic evidence that I really did have some fun times back then, though. It was really weird looking back at the past. It made me wonder how things have changed since then… or not changed.

One day in particular stood out to me. It was the day the seniors (during my senior year) all took the picture in the shape of an 08. (In case you didn’t know, I was part of the graduating class of 2008.) A few friends and I decided to skip school the rest of our classes and go out somewhere because we didn’t even have band practice that day. We went to my house for a little while, and left our backpacks and shit there. I think somebody was craving In N Out, so we decided to catch the Montebello 10 and go to Pico Rivera. (Back when riding that bus only cost us 60 cents!) We pretty much spent the rest of the day in Pico. Hmm… we ate at In N Out, hung out at the park, did a lot of walking, and just had a fun time.

I don’t know what it was about this day, but I remember being really glad it happened. I needed a break from everything: school, band, home life. It felt great just hanging out with fun people and having nothing to worry about. Anyway… here are some photos from that day. That one day during high school when we went to Pico because we didn’t wanna go back to class nor did we have band practice later on.

All these kids made that day memorable: Alan, Erica, Gilbert, Jose (even though he left early), Mayra, Ricky,  Zack.

If you guy wanna see more pictures from that day, you can click here. I uploaded them to a Photobucket album of their own.


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