Haha, what a sweet British dude.

March 9, 2009 at 8:17 pm 2 comments

Ryan, you sure know how to boost one’s self-esteem for a few minutes. But like I said… I much prefer cynical, bitter Reyna 😀

But seriously, this Ryan guy is pretty cool. Who the hell would take the time to write all this out for me?!

I just read all of your blogs to catch up on what I’ve missed. Here’s my thoughts…

Roman Catholic – Being a Roman Catholic’s cool and everything but just because your parents are huge religious peeps, doesn’t mean you have to be, just be yourself, you know? I respect where your parents are coming from and that but sometimes you gotta be your own person and do something rebellious even if need be, you’re losing out on your teenage years otherwise.

Someone’s GF – You’re beautiful and funny and awesome Reyna, seriously, you’re hilarious and you’re mega! Any guy would be so lucky to be with you, whoever you date in the future will be the luckiest guy in the world, seriously, you’re an amazing person, don’t ever change!

Rain – I like the rain! It’s cool, cleanses everything and it’s even romantic to a point. I mean, how many people want to kiss in the rain? I do! Lol, I know it can be a pain with it squidging between your socks and shoes but I live in England lol so it’s always rainy…although it’s quite sunny today, but cold! 😦

By the way, I had to do multiple comments because it wouldn’t let me type it all in one comment 😦 lol.

Things Not Turning Out Well – I know what you mean about the same things happening everyday, it sucks, I know! But life’s what you make it and you have to do something different if you want things different…if that makes sense? :S

East L.A Pervs – OK, I’m not an East L.A perv, and I compliment you lol! I’m not an English perv either haha I know that’s what you’re thinking! I know I’m not cute or anything but there’s so much to compliment you about. Read my comment above, that’s just a FEW things that you have going for you! You’re an amazing person Reyna! Seriously, those American kids who aren’t complimenting you don’t know their arse (or ass) from their elbow, we Brits recognise beauty and respect all females! OK, I’m making Brits sound weird now lol…and we are…but it’s true (not the weirdness thing, even though I just admitted it)…but the respect and admiration for females! Don’t ever change Reyna, please! You’re super awesome!


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Oh, for the love of God. I’ll try to post a real blog later.

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  • 1. Gemini90  |  March 9, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Aww that was sweet of him to say!

    • 2. reinix  |  May 2, 2009 at 1:06 am

      I know, right? :]


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