Bus Lines — Metro vs. Montebello

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I’m supposed to be working on a 3-5 page rough draft for my English class. I hate being assigned to write about myself, especially when they ask me to write about a remembered event. Sometimes it’s cool, but when it comes to an essay, they wanna know about something life-changing or whatever. I always just end up writing something about marching band in high school ’cause nothing else ever seems to come to mind. Well, they do… but some are just too embarrassing, or they make me feel like a horrible person so I chose not to write about them. Anyway, my essay isn’t what this blog was supposed to be about. I’m only writing right now because I got the idea for this blog as I was on my way back home from ELAC on the Metro (plus, this is an awesome way to procrastinate… better than cleaning my room, at any rate). Boy, I feel stupid. I keep going Ctrl+S thinking it will save my draft of this blog. Ah! I should get to the topic now.

Hokai. The main bus lines I usually ride around here are the Montebello and Metro, and I have always preferred riding the Montebello. I would take it to the mall, ELAC, uptown Whittier, and Pico. I guess the reason I preferred it was ’cause it was always cheaper than the Metro bus lines. I remember it used to cost me 60 cents to ride that bus, but now they raised it to 75 cents for high school students. Since I’m not in high school anymore, I’m supposed to pay $1 on the Montebello now, which is still less than I would have to pay on the Metro. I recently got a TAP card from Metro, since they’re only $15 for LACCD students for the whole semester. That saves me a lot of money. Of course, now I have to ride the Metro instead of the Montebello on my way to and from school.

I hate it. Seriously. It gets so damn packed in there. It kinda reminds me of this one scene in Schindler’s List where they put all these jews in a train-cart-type-thing (what are they called?) and then one of the idiot Nazis sprayed water inside the carts with a hose as the train passed by, and another idiot Nazi said something along the lines of “Now that’s cruel. You’re giving them hope!” Anyway… It’s not that bad inside the bus. I don’t even know why I thought of that comparison when I was inside it. Probably ’cause I was standing too close to the people next to me and the bus smelled disgustingly funny. Also, there are always the exact same type of people on the Metro too! Like, there is always a lady that wears too much make-up and probably bathes in fake Victoria’s Secret body sprays. Then there’s always someone in scrubs, who is usually next to a lady carrying a baby. Bonus points if there’s a lady in scrubs carrying a baby. And there’s always that middle-aged or old man that just smells like he hasn’t showered since ‘Nam. Either that, or he decided to wear the same pair of pants that he had taken a piss in two days before and never washed. It gets so full inside the bus that we’re all squished together (or jews… or slaves in a ship… pick your favorite comparison), having to smell all that put together. From my experience, the Montebello only gets that packed during rush hour (but even then, it’s not as bad as Metro). It’s never rush hour when I ride the Montebello, so I’m only in there with like 5-10 people. I can actually breathe freely.

And what’s the deal with the Metro bus drivers? They always seem angry. Then again, the Montebello bus drivers always take breaks together when they get to the last stop near Staples. I swear, I think they have sex in the restroom at Walgreens because the female bus driver always comes back with her hair messier than she already had it. Maybe Metro bus drivers are just sexually deprived and decide to take it out on us bus riders.

All that being said, I’m glad I am saving so much money on public transportation. However, I don’t like the fact that I had to sacrifice my old and very satisfying bus experience for one of… Metro (couldn’t think of a good adjective, so I decided Metro fit in pretty well).

Plus, did I mention the people on the Montebello are way cuter than the Metro riders? 😉

Ugh, I guess I’ll get started on that lame essay now. Goodbye.


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