Twilight vlog!

November 22, 2008 at 3:24 pm Leave a comment

Just my thoughts on the Twilight series.

Twilight is no Harry Potter. You can’t really compare them. They are too different. I still love the Harry Potter series I grew up with, and still wish I was watching Half-Blood Prince on November 21st instead of the Twilight movie :[

Stephenie Meyer is not JK Rowling. JK Rowling is awesome. She makes up words, like Quidditch.  The best Meyer can come up with is… vampire baseball.
Twilight is more of a love story than anything.  Other series are much more complex.

I dunno… I think I just turned this post into a Twilight vs. Harry Potter thing… hahaha.

The curious thing is: even after saying all this… I still enjoyed reading the books and watching the movies xD
I think this video gave people the impression that I absolutely hate it.


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