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It’s a controversial subject, I guess. Must be worth writing about. Let’s see how this goes…

What do you think about abortion?

I think every being deserves the chance to live. A baby has no choice and cant think for him or herself. Denying somebody the right to live is pretty much taking away the first natural first freedom they are born with (life). Whether they wanna kill themselves later on in life, that’s their own choice… but at least the have the choice, sorta. Anyway… that was semi off topic. I guess the point I wanna make is that because one isn’t really capable of making choices before one is born, then they deserve the right to have a life of their own and explore the world for themselves.

However, I also think every woman (or girl or lady or whatever) deserves the right to chose whether she wants to have her child or not. I’m not saying I approve of abortion or anything, but I think that ultimately the woman should be held responsible for the choice. After all, this country became independent so that its citizens would have freedoms they wouldn’t have else where. It sounds kinda fucked up, but even the freedom to be able to stop a life from even starting should be allowed (yay for Roe v. Wade?). I wouldn’t take away anyone’s right to be born unless they already knew the unborn being would be born with some sort of disease or infection or something that would make their life a living hell (like, if they knew the baby would be born with hemophilia because it’s hereditary, and the father had hemophilia).

It’s the 21st century. Premarital sex isn’t uncommon. My guess is that the reason for a many abortions nowadays is teenage pregnancy. And believe me, nothing can ruin a few days in a sexually active teenage girl’s life more than a pregnancy scare. Makes them think a lot about family, school,their social life, prior commitments, promises that were made, long-term plans that might be ruined, etc. If they don’t have trust in or aren’t truly in love with the male that got them pregnant, I bet abortion is definitely something they highly considered. Of course it’s understandable why they would consider it. All the responsibility brought up by the birth if a child is overwhelming, even if you’re an adult. But honestly, I don’t think abortion is the best choice at all in this situation, even if it is an easy way out. Most likely, the child would be born healthy and probably even live a good life because the parents are so young and more open to ideas. I can actually see many reasons why being born with young parents is a good thing (not that I’m trying to promote teenage pregnancy, because I’m definitely not).

Aaaand for those of you who like to bring up the argument of “but what if the girl gets raped?” Well… dude. You can always give ’em up for adoption. Even so, I bet once the baby is born, they’d probably wanna keep it.

Reyna, would you abort if you were to find out you’re pregnant right now?

Well… I definitely don’t have the money or experience to raise a kid. But like I said, the child deserves to live. I definitely wouldn’t deny him/her that right. Just because my idiot self did something stupid, it doesn’t mean that somebody else has to pay the price. Sure, my life would have to change a lot. I’d have less time with friends, I’d somehow still try to continue my education and make some sort a career (as hard as it would be), maybe have to find a job, and have to put up with people’s crap talk or whatever too… and who knows if the father would be able to help me out or whatever. Even so, after a while… I’m sure I’d grow to like the idea of having a kid. Y’know, like.. the one thing I can truly say is my own. I’d eventually learn to cherish and love it, no matter who the father was. Plus, my parents are kinda religious. They’ll throw this whole thing about how premarital sex is a sin, and killing is an even greater sin… so yeah… I kinda don’t wanna piss them off even more than I already had.


I think there was more I wanted to say on this topic, but we’ll leave it at that for now. I forgot all the other points I wanted to bring up. haha.  I guess you can feel free to ask me something else on a comment, or tell me your own view on the topic.

but to make it simple: I’m Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion.


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