Interesting, the way things turn out to be

September 21, 2008 at 8:11 pm Leave a comment

they all left her for that one reason.
he was never the type to do that,
especially after he knew that about her.
she took some time and learned to trust.
around certain others, he still had a few doubts.
she never thought of anyone else like that.
he also thought the same.
as time passed by he ‘came afraid
she might meet others and feelings would change.
she never saw another soul that sort of way,
but she guessed it was time for a change.
after months of gaining trust and confidence that this couldn’t possibly happen.
her first worst fears finally came true.
he started to think in a whole different way.
the things she changed because of him,
he was starting to realize maybe weren’t so bad,
when he had been the one telling her he would never do that.

hahah. i love the way i don’t make any sense… i think.
maybe i do… fuck if i know. whatever.


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To sleep, perchance to dream… Garfield part two? I think not… not yet, anyway.

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