Me in ten years?

March 11, 2008 at 7:22 pm Leave a comment

I hope so! Haha.

(15:26:21) ps11: this is you in 10 yrs
(15:26:22) ps11: [pic link]
(15:26:47) rex_villau: =/
(15:26:49) rex_villau: probably…
(15:26:55) ps11: ay why is it bad?
(15:27:03) rex_villau: it’s not.
(15:27:04) rex_villau: ionno,
(15:27:19) rex_villau: it’s just scary, y’know?
(15:27:25) ps11: no
(15:27:27) rex_villau: like… to know
(15:27:27) rex_villau: shit
(15:27:29) rex_villau: idk.
(15:27:29) ps11: you have coffeee
(15:27:39) rex_villau: but imma be all addicted to it
(15:27:44) rex_villau: and wont be able to wake up without it
(15:27:56) rex_villau: and she looks all bored n shit
(15:27:57) rex_villau: and like…
(15:28:10) ps11: haha she’s enjoying a book
(15:28:14) ps11: after a morning of sex
(15:28:14) rex_villau: nice legs and all, like she’s good in bed… but she hasn’t gotten any in a while.
(15:28:16) ps11: so she’s tired
(15:28:17) rex_villau: no no no
(15:28:23) ps11: no no she got some
(15:28:25) ps11: and is tired
(15:28:30) ps11: the next morn
(15:28:39) rex_villau: let’s hope that’s the story
(15:29:01) ps11: yeah im sure
(15:29:04) ps11: its gonna be like
(15:29:09) ps11: =o reyna
(15:29:10) ps11: wow
(15:30:29) rex_villau: omg, i wanna put that chick on my profile now
(15:30:33) ps11: oh
(15:30:35) rex_villau: hhaha
(15:30:35) ps11: yes
(15:30:36) ps11: you should
(15:30:42) ps11: that IS you in 10 yrs
(15:30:45) rex_villau: hmm… but where…
(15:31:39) ps11: ionno pics
(15:31:42) ps11: and make it default
(15:31:42) rex_villau: man, i’d fuck her..
(15:31:43) rex_villau: haha
(15:31:43) ps11: ionno
(15:31:45) ps11: haha
(15:31:47) rex_villau: i’d fuck me in 10 years.
(15:31:48) rex_villau: rofl.
(15:31:50) ps11: you’d fuck yourself lol
(15:31:56) rex_villau: seriously
(15:31:57) rex_villau: i mean
(15:31:58) rex_villau: look at her!
(15:32:00) rex_villau: those legs
(15:32:03) rex_villau: are dayum,
(15:32:05) rex_villau: the outfit, man.
(15:32:17) ps11: lol
(15:33:18) rex_villau: yeahhh
(15:33:22) rex_villau: i’d be happy to be my husband
(15:33:23) rex_villau: hahah
(15:33:44) ps11: if you change the colors
(15:33:45) rex_villau: and my kid’s friend.
(15:33:49) rex_villau: like… dayum milf.
(15:34:01) rex_villau: hmm
(15:34:02) rex_villau: maybe.
(15:34:16) ps11: fuck
(15:34:22) ps11: get over yourself
(15:34:25) rex_villau: rofl.
(15:34:29) rex_villau: no!
(15:34:36) rex_villau: let me be happy for once
(15:34:43) ps11: oh ok
(15:34:46) pslv11: I’d hit it
(15:34:52) rex_villau: haha
(15:34:53) rex_villau: woot.
(15:35:16) ps11: I mean I’d hit it now on a good day
(15:35:21) ps11: but that’s besides the point


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Two guys, a girl, and a bag. Alan and I are so lame people call us llamas. rofl.

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