Don’t be offended…

January 27, 2008 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

People have to stop swearing i mean everything i say.

ok, maybe i do.
maybe i don’t.

they just have to stop getting pan hurt.

i’m not a bitch.
i just bring up taboo subjects. =D
or make taboo comments, whatever.

people that know me… know not to get all hurt about the shit i say about them.
they know i don’t say it to be a bitch.
that’s just the way i am.

i guess i’m a horrible friend.

this was originally a bulletin aimed at one person.
i decided to blog it ’cause i wanna keep this.
but i know i’ve made others get all pan hurt without meaning to
only because i said something that was on my mind.

i’m not sorry. i’m just like that.

i guess this is just a heads up for you if you’re gonna start talking to me or hanging out with me.


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OK Untitled [due to a lack of creativity, originality, and inspiration]

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