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[if i talk to you on a regular basis, we’ve probably had this conversation before]

You know what’s wack?
The use of the word (or term… or acronym… whatever the hell it is) okay. I dunno. I just feel that when people use it, they don’t care much about what I’m telling them. Like, they just wanna avoid having a conversation and play it off by saying “k” or “ok” or “okay” and whatever other version of it there is. The only reason I say that is because I know I use it when I don’t really care.

I mean, it’s okay [haha…] to use it when it’s not in the context of someone telling you something that happened to them or something about themselves or when they’re talking about something they like/dislike or just something random. I mean, imagine people used it a lot like that…

I dunno… in my view
OK / k / okay
I don’t give a fuck.
I don’t care.
Whatever [even worse when they say w/e instead of whatever…].

Times you shouldn’t say it.

Person 1: You don’t know how fucked up I feel right now…
Person 2: Ok

Person 1: I’m pregnant… =/
Person 2: k

Person 1: I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.. ='[.
Person 2: okay

Person 1: Omg! I love you! <333 I can’t wait to get married! I’m so glad we’re engaged!
Person 2: O. K.

The right time to use it:

Me: It is okay to use the word okay like this.

Person 1: I don’t have any money >_<
Person 2: It’s okay. I’ll spot you. =]

Person 1: So, you wanna go out tomorrow?
Person 2: Okay. =D


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