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I haven’t updated this in forever… Let’s divide this into sections.

DCI World Championships
Unfortunately I didn’t get to go on finals night. That really sucks because for the next 10 years, finals are gonna be in Indianapolis =/. I could’ve gotten a ticket too! Jasmine wasn’t able to go and was gonna give me hers. I spent the day at my tia Rosa’s with my family instead. Grr.
I did go to Quarterfinals, though. It was fun. I loved most of the shows. One of the corps played Imogen Heap. I forgot who, though… Like always, SCV’s cymbal line fucking owned =D. I pretty much liked all the shows. Carolina Crown’s was hilarious. Horses and William Tell Overture are like rofl. and Blue Devils <33!

I didn’t have any money, so I couldn’t get a t-shirt or anything :'[. I wanted a shirt really fucking badly. Ughh. But I did get free posters and stickers and stuff, haha.

We (zack, brittney, sope and i) left on Mr. Gray’s car and he took us to King Taco. We had a chat about bums, random moments, and marching band. It was pretty tight. And the quesadilla thing I had a was pretty damn good. =P

So, I had left my stuff in the band room after band leadership interviews and went to Snack Stop to get stuff for Danny and Monkey. I ran across Gilbert on my way there and told him to go back with me, since he had nothing to do anyway. So we went back, gave Monkey and Danny their stuff, whatever. The drumline had late rehearsal that day. Band didn’t, so the band room was empty because they were all practicing outside. Somehow… [THE REST OF THIS SECTION WAS OMITTED BY REINIX DUE TO… HER OWN STUPIDITY].

Marching Band
Gray hasn’t announced it to the band, but he told us who the student leadership is (as though he hadn’t made it obvious from the start…). Brittney’s the drum major and Tiffany is assistant DM. I don’t like that term… assistant. Makes it sound as if Tiff is Britt’s bitch. If anything, it should be the other way around. Stupid faker bitch… Whatever. The Lance Majors are Tiffany, Zack and I (formerly known as captains). Josh and Manzo are the Horn Sergeants. They basically make sure everything in rehearsal goes by quickly and smoothly. IMO, they’ve been doing more on the field than the DM. Gilbert and Manzo are the Field Captains. They make sure the field is nicely done and set for our rehearsal. The prest of the leadership pretty much does that too, though. We have to get to camps an hour early to paint the yard lines and all that good stuff. The Technical Captains are Jocelyn and Alyssa. I’m still not sure what they do… stupid gray. Band leadership is fun, though. We’re like our own section and stuff. Except none of us like to include Brittney most of the time =/. And for band camp, we all get to wear orange t-shirts. =D

The newbs are doing alright. There are a few that stick out, and you can tell they weren’t there when we worked on basics and stuff. I’ve been working with the clarinets and they’be been improving a lot. I’m kinda proud of them. =] The flutes are pretty down too. I dunno about Jeniffer, but yeah. Let’s hope she can hang. I don’t want another hole on the field. ugh, the altos are lagging it >_<. But they’re trying, so it’s okay. Sometimes they get yelled at and stuff, but they have this drive that makes them want to get better and stay. That’s really good. =]. I think the brass is doing all right for the most part. I haven’t been observing them much.

I start school this Wednesday. What a bummer. I like not having a first period… Or a second period, for that matter. Most of my schedule is on track C. 1-3 are track A, and the rest is track C. I’ve been going to Mr. Bennett’s AP government class, so i’m pretty much staying in that. I went to see my counselor and this is what my schedule’s gonna be:
1. Drafting [i never took a tech art class =/]
2. Honors Chemistry [i failed first semester sophmore year…]
3. Advanced Comp. with Montes
4. AP Government and Politics with Bennett.
5. Band
6. Band
7. Band

So yeah, I have a feeling I’m gonna be missing first period a LOT. haha. I most likely wont know anyone in it… Or my second period. grr. Chemistry and drafting are sooo boring. I’m not gonna be a fucking architect or a fucking scientist… Oh well. Hopefully I’ll like Montes. I heard he’s a good teacher. =]]


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