Harry Potter: The End

August 21, 2007 at 7:26 pm Leave a comment

So I finished the 7th and final book in the series last week and never got around to writing a blog about it.
No, this isn’t a book review.
Just a reflection on what Harry Potter has done to my life.
I guess I should’ve waited til now to write the “If JK Rowling’s Parents Never Fucked” blog.

It’s odd seeing the series end just like that.
I mean, I’d been waiting years to find out how it ends and now that it’s actually over I don’t even know what to feel.
It’s just weird that no one’s ever gonna have conversations with “omg, what do you think’s gonna happen to harry at the end?” and stuff like that.
No more crazy end-of-Harry-Potter theories, because we know everything that’s happened now.

I’m glad that I (as a Harry Potter fan) was part of this generation.
Those future generations will never get to live through the excitement of midnight book release parties and all that good stuff.

Ew. I sound like such a geek, but yeah.
I sort of grew up with Harry Potter.

Even the movies give me that sort of feeling because we grow as the characters and actors do.
I remember when I was 11 years old and Daniel Radcliffe was 12.
I thought he was dayum hott.
If I look back at 12 year old Dan and think that way, I’d feel rather pedophilic.
Luckily we’re human and grow at the same rate.
Now we’re like… 5-6 years older than we were back then.

***SPOILER WARNING*** Ok, I guess I WILL write my thoughts on the seventh book itself. First off, that dedication page was like awwww and to you if you stuck with Harry until the very end Every fan was probably like ‘awww, she dedicated the book to ME.’ Now we all feel less special. Oh well. I still thought that was a nice touch. =]] The end was predictable [imo], but fun to read nonetheless. My theory about Snape being a good guy was right. I knew he killed Dumbledore because he had to [and was asked to]. Snape loved Lily. I saw that coming too. My theory about Harry himself being a horcrux was right too. Whichever idiot thought Harry and Hermione should’ve ended up together should really stop reading fanfictions. R/H for life! Hedwig‘s death at the beginning made me sad. That owl was always there for Harry… But honestly, I was sadder about Dobby‘s death than any other characters’ in this book [yes, even Remus]. Though, Fred‘s sucked too… He was so damn hilarious and reminded me of my friend Ricky. If he were really part of my life, I’d have cried my ass off. I honestly thought the ending was rather stupid. Harry pretty much won out of luck this time too. Voldemort could have soooo kicked his ass had that spell not backfired. And then Harry just comes back to life too? It’s like wtf. He should’ve just died… The epilogue was like whatevers… Pretty much what I expected, honestly. Nvm, I take that back. It was pretty cute. =]

… I still say Harry should’ve died since Voldemort’s death was all pussy’d out. The epilogue would’ve been way different.

[I’ll probably edit this blog once in a while ’cause I do that with every damn blog I write. There’s always something I forget…] [already edited 4x]


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