Humanitas beach trip

June 28, 2007 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

Sooo. Zack and I still weren’t sure we were gonna go or not. He was on his way to my house and I was on my way to school around 1st period, so we ran into each other somewhere on Clela… Then Jonathan (garcia) passes by us in his car and gives us a ride back to my house. he chills there for a while with us ’til Ricky gets there. Everything changed ever since they broke up and all that crap. Whatever. Danny (de la rosa) and (little) Mayra got to my house later on. He was burning a CD on my computer er something. We eventually left after making a few phone calls to others asking at what time the bus would be leaving, so they could just follow it.

We ended up going to the beach in Danny’s car. That ride was pretty fun. So we parked on the shore on 11th street, as told. Turns out, it was the wrong 11th street… go figure. Danny drove us all back to the others 11th street and we spent a couple hours at the beach. It was aight. We ate at this one local place over there; everyone was really nice. =]]. Gardocki and Rocha ate there too. =P. ummm. yeahh.

The word of the day was pan[ocha]. haha. Danny kept using it and stuff. Even Mayra [sorry i took long guys, i was taking the sand out of my pan!]. Oh, mayra saw her first penis [a .gif thing on a cell phone]. It was hilarious. She was all “THEY REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT?! DO THEY HAVE THAT CIRCLE THING? I DON’T WANT THAT IN MY PAN.” rofl.

Fun times…


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