Oh, these boys…

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They’ve changed me.
I’m pretty sure they know it too.

Gerard Zachary Mellini

The Past:
“Don’t ever touch the hair” were the first words I ever heard him say. This was for the “gifted” block we had in sixth grade. I never really talked to him the rest of the year. Except that one time in Christmas, but I don’t feel like telling that story right now. Let’s just say it was partly the reason we weren’t friends earlier.

I didn’t start actually hanging out with him ’til second semester of the seventh grade, when I would pretty much only kick it with this girl Tonanzin. I guess you can say she and I were best friends at the time. Anyway, we started talking to Zack more and more. We had really retarded inside jokes (and still do to this day!) and the most random conversations ever. We still talked through eighth grade, but stopped hanging out with Tonanzin as much as we did once high school started.

Freshman and sophmore year came along. I told him things I didn’t tell other people. I lost his trust at one point. I would get mad at him a lot. Others would question why I was still friends with him. I don’t really know the answer to that. All I know is that I still am, and I’m glad we don’t really get into arguments much.

The Present:
We’re nearing our senior year in high school now. At this point, I have no idea where I’d be without him. I trust him with everything. I tell him everything. He tells me what he thinks. Positive, negative, or apathetic, I take everything he says into consideration. Haha, it’s no wonder everyone ends every conversation with “Don’t tell Zack!” Shiiit. We’ve shared soo many laughs had sooo many inside jokes and code names for people and events through the years. Ahhh. There isn’t even a word do describe what I think of him. I could search the world and never find anyone quite like him.

Ricardo Jonathan Mejia

The Past:
Seventh grade. Math class. To me he was just that loud guy with lots of confidence. To him I was just that girl that sat in the back and talked to herself. Eight grade. Didn’t talk to him.

Freshman year, he was that guy Ricky that was always around and would never shut the hell up in second period. Beginning of sophmore year. Still didn’t talk to him much. Still thought he was kind of annoying. Second semester I started to realize he was really funny and easy to get along with, unless you got on his bad side. He wanted to join a team of some sort. I lent him a copy of our championship drumline performance. He decided he’d join.

The Present:
When I was a freshman, I never would have thought I would start hanging out with this guy. Let alone, eat breakfast with him at my house all the time before school started. He’s opened up a lot since I first started talking to him. I’ve noticed sooo much change in him. Change that I like. When something’s wrong with him nowadays, I actually worry about him. When he’s not in class, I actually miss him. I learned to trust him, as I’m pretty sure he trusts me too. We make each other laugh all the time (consequently, I acquired his loud, annoying laugh, ahahah). I’m so glad he joined drumline Junior year. Had he not, I probably wouldn’t be writing his blog.


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