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Are you a lesbian?

…are you bi then?

Why is your screen name PssyRash1? That’s gross.
Story time! k, so I had this algebra class in middle school, right? And I sat near this drawer-type-thing with PUSSY RASH 1 tagged on it. So I was like “ewww. is there a pussy rash 2 and 3 as well? haha, that would make a cool screen name…” So yeah… I made it my AIM sn…

Do you have an iPod?
Nope. But I have an Olympus m:robe. …which I don’t use much anymore.

Do you wear thongs?
No, but eh…

Do you have a MySpace?
Obviously… where are you reading this?

You’re in marching band?
Yes, and I play the flute.

Have you ever stuck it in your um.. yeah?
Ew, no. Stop watching American Pie.

How do you [something about computers goes here]?
Google it. I don’t wanna teach you right now…

Go to google dot com… Type what you just asked me there…

Can you make me a layout? Can you photoshop a picture for me?
go here: myspace.com/reinixgraphix

Is it true what I heard about you and Timmy?
Chingate, yeah..?

You speak spanish?!
Yes. It was my first language. I know… you thought I was white… get over it. Plus, Zacky says I do look Mexican. =]

Are you and Zack, like… best friends?
Sometimes =P

Will you send me a naked pic of you?
EWWW. Hell no. Perv.
How many Harry Potter books are there?
JK Rowling’s gonna write seven, only 6 have been published.

Did you have a quiceañera?

Why not?
Too much money to spend on one day. Besides, I’m not really one to throw parties. No one would’ve gone =P.  I don’t want a whole day dedicated to me either.

Why do you look mad today..?
Idk, maybe I AM mad about something. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna tell you about it, though.


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The Fire, The Boyfriend, The Beach Oh, these boys…

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