The Fire, The Boyfriend, The Beach

May 23, 2007 at 9:06 pm Leave a comment

I was on my bed on satruday morning when I get a call from Ruben (a
fellow flute player) asking me if I’d seen the school. I asked what he
was talking about. He told me the main building caught fire. I walk
outside my house and see dark smoke not too far from my house. I ride
my scooter to Garfield to check it out. Turns out, the auditorium
caught fire. Soon enough, everyone’s posting bulletins about it on
MySpace and the news is reporting it. I call Mr. Woessner to find out
what’s going to happen and text Mr. Gray to tell him know what
happened. Woessner said the auditorium was left with no ceiling and the
main building was soaking because the sprinklers had set off. It was
very unfortunate that this had to happen. On the bright side, we’ll
hopefully get a nicer auditorium with badass acoustics =].

started off like every sunday of my life. Wake up, take a shower, go to
church, eat. Later in the day I went out with Luis to Monterey Park. He
bought me starbucks and we talked. We were sitting on a bench when he
asked me for his late birthday hug since I had told him I’d give him
one. I gave him a hug… and a kiss, which led to more kisses after
that. At one point, he said “so… do you like me? or do you always
kiss random guys like that?” I told him I didn’t know. Because
honestly, I haven’t liked most of the guys I’ve kissed, but it did kind
of like Luis. Anyway, he said something along the lines of… “well…
do you want to be some random girl to me? or do you want to be my
girlfriend?” I forgot what I answered… Ended up confused as to
whether we were actually together or not.

Because of the
auditorium incident, the administration decided to cancel school on
monday. The scene of the fire was under investigation and still trying
to be fixed. Therefore, some of us humanitas kids decided to go to the
beach that day. It was pretty down, i guess. haha. Ah, the van ride
back. [A FEW SENTENCES WERE OMITTED HERE. DON’T ASK]. I was laying with my head on
his shoulder/chest most of the time and Ricky and Zack [thinking i was
official with Luis] thought I was being a slut =[. But whatever… I
still wasn’t sure about Luis. =/

But yeah… I’m officially with Luis now. =]
No more bricks. Woot.


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