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The past week was pretty fun, I think. I kicked it with Zack, Alberta, Ricky (Mejia), Jose and Jonathan (Garcia). Mario (dline) and Liz (clarinet) here once too, actually. Wow, I wish I didn’t know so many people with the same names… Then I wouldn’t have to add their last names…or instruments. Haha, we went to pick up Zack (to his house) in Jonathan’s car once… there was no space in the car… Jose ended up riding the trunk. It was pretty funny, lol. Dude. I was all up on Jonathan that day… Weird. I didn’t even notice til after. I don’t like him as more than a friend though…
It was Alberta’s birthday on friday. We made her a cake and stuff at my house. Ricky cooked some chicken strip thingies from my freezer too. Hehe. yeah…. it was pretty fun. We made a mess in the kitchen and dining room, though.


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The Pursuit of Happyness A new year.

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