My Grandma.

December 29, 2006 at 10:44 pm Leave a comment

Ever since my parents and Danny left to Mexico, she’s been trying to act like my mom. It’s like 10PM and she’ll tell me to go to bed, she reminds me to lock the doors (MY MOM doesn’t even do that!), and idk she does all this other stuff that makes me wanna say “Err… yeah, grandma, whatever… go eat or something..” Like, idk… it’s really annoying how she’s trying to be like my mom.

Omg, then she keeps cooking all this fucking FOOD. Like, I love food and all, but she looks like she’s trying to get me to have a heart attack. Everything she makes is greasy. We don’t even NEED her to make food. I could probably survive for like 2 weeks with the leftovers in the fridge. And she keeps putting chips (Lays, to be exact =P) on th dinner table. Of course, I grab a few every time I pass by there, which is every like… 10 minutes. And when they are about to run out.. MY GRANDMA REFILLS IT. Like, gawd… stop that. I’m just gonna keep eating. Why can’t she make us healthy food and put a bunch of grapes on the table instead of Lays?

Haha. The other day she made these fucking oily ass beans… neither me or Chava told her anything about them. Later, she’s like “oh, i fixed the beans… they’re not so greasy anymore..(in spanish, of course..)” so Chava goes to take a look at the beans… she just added MORE fried beans into the mix thinking it would fix it…

Oh, gosh.


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