I <3 Public Transportation

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Alberta arrived at my house at around 9:35 am. Zack got here a couple minutes later, throws Alberta’s christmas present at her and we chilled at my house waiting for Cristina to arrive so she can give us a ride. Then Jasmine called Zack to tell him her bus would be leaving at like 11:30, so we had more time to spare, but Cristina would be at my house soon. Out of nowhere Alberta has this random spasm and she’s like “omg! i’ll be right back! stay right here!” and just ran out of my house like some crazy…idk. like crazy. haha.
Cristina gets here and i tell her about how Alberta randomly left, so we [Cristina, Zack and I] went to pick her up at her house. Blah blah blah. We got to Downtown LA. So then Zack, Alberta and I realized we had a lot of time to spare, so we just walk down the street going wherever our feet decide to take us. I must say, i REALLY needed my camera. There were soooo many awesome things to take pictures of =[. Arrgghhh. Anyway… Somehow we ended up in this one building, wnt inside the elevator, and up to a garden on the roof. It was pretty damn awesome. We STILL had time to spare before Jasmine got to LA, so we decided to take the RedLine to Pershing Square and back, just to see where we’d end up. It was crazy… when we got to Pershing square. There was this little snowman-type-thing on the floor. I kicked its head off =D. ugh, then this black bum waved and smiled at me and Alberta suggested we leave in case he comes over and hugs me. haha, i love that girl.
Eventually we got back to Union station and met Jasmine there. She introduced us to her friend Celina. I could’ve sworn i’d seen her before. I think I met her at the DCI live broadcast thing. But anyway… We walked around for a bit, and then got on the RedLine again and went to Hollywood & Highland. I like it there. We were all hungry, so we decided to get something to eat. Alberta and Jasmine got Pizza and salads. Zack got a steak sandwich. Celina and I got Mongolian food. It was really good. I’m such a pussy… I used a fork instead of chop sticks. It started to sprinkle… then it started to hail… it wasn’t that hard, though. That was good. It only rained for a little while. Then it just got windy. Omg. There was this black man sitting down by us. He had a Shrek outfit on and was wearing tights. Ewww. The grossest moose knuckle I have EVER seen. After seeing that really gross thing, we went to the Mac store ’cause jasmine loves makeup. lol. Umm…. not much to say about that place. I like their makeup, though, lol.
We went back to Pershing Square — to the ice skating place. We bought our skates and the admission. Omgosh. I can NOT balance myself. My feet were hurting too. I only went around the thing once and gave up, haha. It was fun, though. Celina gave up after her second lap. She couldn’t get the hang of it either, lol. Jasmine and Zack were trying it together. I noticed they were holding hands to keep each other up. I felt kinda bad for Alberta ’cause I just knew she’d be sad that Zack and another girl were holding hands. Sure enough, she told me “I think I still have feelings for Zack.. =[.” I don’t blame her for feeling bad about that. If I saw a guy that I liked holding hands with someone else, I’d be feeling really bad too.
So blah blah blah, we took off the skates and got back on the RedLine. We got back to Olvera St. and walked around. jasmine bought a churro, Zack got an Horchata, the rest of us got some Mexican candies. I love mexican candy, it’s so addicting.
Then, it was time to say goodbye. So Jasmine and Celina got on the MetroLink and made their way back to Fontana. Zack left on another bus. There isn’t really much else to say… Alberta and I got back on the RedLine… to a MetroRapid bus… and made our way back home. yay.


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My first vlog-type-thing, and one dedicated to Jasson Applebees and Palindromes

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