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December 25, 2006 at 10:50 pm Leave a comment

Hmmm. Christmas was alright, I guess. It was like whatevers. Like always, we had tamales and spent it with my tios and tias. I feel kinda selfish and materialistic, though. I get all …eh.. when I hear all these people talk about how happy they are that they got all these presents and got exactly what what they wanted. All I got was two sweaters and a shirt… Not to mention the shirt doesn’t even fit. Hahaha. I feel mean. I should be thanking God that I have a home and a family that cares about me, and that I’m not a starving little African kid. But guess what… I’M NOT IN AFRICA! I’m in friggin America, the most materialistic country there is. Besides, all I wanted was an iPod… =[

So, like… my family’s leaving to el pueblo tonight (actually, just my parents and danny..). I wanna go really badly. It sounds like it’s gonna be fun going to Lupe’s wedding and spending new years there. They’re mean road trippin’. Grrr. They better bring me something back. haha. I wanna go to mexiccoooo. 😥

Hopefully my off-trackness is fun, at least. I hope Jasmine and the gang to end up going ice skating this week. That seems like it’ll be fun, right? And um… Chava and I might go to the Rose Parade. That’ll be the first time I actually go to it, rather than just watch it on TV.


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